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Eleanor and Matt | Nashville Family Photographer

These sweet friends have lived in our neighborhood for years and go to the same schools so we have see them every day.  We are so thankful God put us in the same area and our kids have grown up together! The kids did so great at the session and their parents have lots to choose from:)

MG was a newborn when my business was taking off so I got to practice some when she was a baby.  Some of her baby pictures are still some of my favorites.  She is just too cute, it is hard to take a bad picture of this precious girl.

This is Julia’s real smile.  I pulled it out of her by talking about boys:)  (Just for a minute to get her to laugh.)


When I was editing this next one I could not get over the sweetness of these siblings.  I also thought about what an honor it is to capture precious memories and moments that these 4 kids will look back on as adults.  This is such a sweet stage.

I love secrets…

It did not take much prompting to get these faces when I told them their parents were kissing.

MG brought along her lovie and I think this picture is the sweetest. I do not use a bunch of props but I do like to include things that are meaningful to the clients.