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Lauryn + Evan | Nashville Wedding Photographer

This fun couple does not live in Nashville, but were in town for Thanksgiving. We had one afternoon to squeeze in their engagement shoot.  Lauryn graduated from Belmont and Nashville has been a special place for them as they dated.  They also are going to get married her next summer.  Since we only had this one chance to take these pictures, we grabbed the umbrellas and headed to the 12 South area.  This area of Nashville happens to back up to Belmont University and has some really wonderful restaurants and coffee shops.  We started in Sevier Park with it’s historic buildings.  Next, we ventured down the street to the temporary Christmas tree farm.  Here they even had a fire going which the couple loved.  If the fire did not warm them up enough, I brought out one of my quilts to snuggle in among the trees.  Our last stop was at Frothy Monkey to warm up with a cup of coffee.  My opinion of rain on an engagement day shoot has changed after this one. It is one of my favorites now. Don’t cancel your shoot!  Just get an umbrella big enough to snuggle under and don’t be afraid to get a few rain drops on your shoulder.