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Leslie and Austin | Nashville Family Photographer

It is that time of the year again…family pictures time.  I loved getting our family pictures taken last year for our Christmas card and so believe in existing in pictures and treasure them so much.  It has reminded me this year how important it is to document your family as it grows.  I am honored that these guys were some of my very first customers years ago when I was just starting my business.  It is a joy to walk along side them as we watch our kids grow and change while we as parents grow and change along with them.

Leslie and Austin are some of our dearest friends.  I loved hanging out capturing their personality and beauty one late afternoon.  Leslie told me she wanted to capture the kids at this stage and have some posed but also just some moments of them being candid.  Here are some of the fun ones:)

This next one is a pretty normal scene for any parents juggling raising kids and also trying to communicate. I love that they were still smiling at each other.