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Linnea + Wood

Our intern, Linnea met a sweet boy last summer when she started a new job.  We watched as this relationship grew and bloomed.  You never know what can happen when you take a new job:)  Wood in an intern at another school.  He was in town last weekend so I grabbed some time with them to take engagement pictures. I met them at the park and had a fun time capturing sweet moments with the two of them.  I love documenting engagement sessions.  I turn my back for a few minutes to change my lens and I hear them talking and laughing:) We are so excited to have front row seats to watch this relationship continue to grow.

It is fun when the couple has ideas for pictures to try.  The one below is an example of Linnea’s idea she wanted to try.  Love it!

Wood’s family helped make this banner for the night he proposed to her.  They brought it along for our shoot!