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Lizz + Kurt/ Nashville Area Family Portrait Photographer



I had so much fun at the photo shoot with this family a few weeks ago.  These twin boys turned 2 this week! This was the first time I officially meet this family at the photo shoot and it was an honor to capture some of the beauty of this family.


Look how beautiful this momma is!

I love the next picture.  People say “They don’t stay little long” and I think this picture reminds me of when my boys were this little. I so love to capture sweet moments like this.

Boys throwing rocks in the creek is such a 2 year old passion. I love getting in the creek with them!

Kurt and Lizz jumped at the opportunity to get pictures of them together.  Most couples have not gotten pictures together since their wedding.  I am thankful for my assistant, SueAnn, who was hanging with the twins while we snapped a few  photos of the parents.