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Luke 1 month | Nashville Newborn Photography

Three weeks ago today, my good friend Dani went into the hospital to have a Craniotomy to get rid of a mass they found after her 4th child, Luke, was born.  The day before, I showed up with my camera to document Luke turning 1 month and capture some sweet moments with Dani and Luke before she had surgery.  Dani’s faith has been amazing to watch through this very unexpected turn of events in her life.  God has met her and given her what she and her sweet family has needed every step of the way.  The surgery went great and they have every reason to believe she will make a full recovery.  She only has some little coordination issues to work through over the next few weeks as she recovers, which is amazing considering the side effects of what could have happened when they were working on her brain.  They had to shave her head and she has a big scar, but this lady is still so beautiful.  She radiates with love, joy and beauty.