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Mother’s Day Gift | Nashville Beauty Photographer

Do you have a picture of your mother that you just love? An elegant portrait that captures the beauty you see in her.  I watched a movie years ago called Family Stone. At one point, someone in the family gave all the siblings in the family a beautiful, classic, and elegant framed portrait of their mother.  It made such an impression on me and I am not sure why it has taken me this long to make my mother sit down for a portrait session.  Mothers need to exist in pictures.  They sacrifice so much and do not get recognized or honored for their hard job.  What if you could give your mother an experience where she gets to feel as beautiful as you think she is?  Would she enjoy getting her hair and make-up done and then having a photo shoot?

My mother was coming to my house after a long day of work.  She was going to take me to see Wicked that night.  I had my neighbor, Jodi, ready to do a quick makeover when she arrived and then I took these quick portraits below.  She was so shocked and she loved getting pampered.  As much as she loved it, I loved it even more because I got to make her feel beautiful and also I get these pictures to treasure.  They will be an heirloom for my family for years to come.  These portraits will honor the woman God gave to me as my mother.  I will rise up and call her blessed.