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Sonja + Bobby | Nashville Family Photography

I started this adventure into photography about 13 years ago when I bought my Canon film camera to learn to take pictures of my baby, Cooper.  That baby is now a teenager (13) and I love looking back at my pictures of my children and my family.  One of my favorite things to do as a child was to open up the side table at my grandmother’s house and bring out all the old family pictures of my mom growing up and hear my grandparents and family sit around and talk about their favorite memories.  I think this digital age has taken something very valuable away from us as families.  We don’t print our pictures any more.  They are usually not sitting around the house for kids to pick up and talk about them.  Sometimes the moms snap pictures as we go through life, but it  is hard to get in any pictures.  One reason I love taking family pictures is to make sure to get the moms in the pictures.  It is a legacy for the family.

My brother, Bobby, would sit on the floor with me as a child and look at the family pictures.  It was my honor to continue to add to my family legacy by capturing this moment in my brother’s history with his sweet family.  My sister-in-law, Sonja, is also a photographer and helped come up with some of these fun poses.  So fun!

Isn’t she beautiful?

This last one is such a classic family picture.  Sonja told the boys to pretend like they were fighting.  They came up with this pose pretty quickly and without any direction.  Pretty sure this will be one of those pictures that these kids will sit around one day and show their kids and laugh at and tell stories about.  This life is beautiful and something to treasure.  Let me know if you want me to capture some family memories for you!