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Sweet Mary Grace: 6 Months

Here is Mary Grace.  She and her mom came over to my home studio recently and tried out my new backdrop/flooring.  We had so much fun playing peak-a-boo.  I get to see this sweet girl most days and she always has this sweet smile on her face when I say hello.  I also took some shots with my film camera for my photography class.  We are studying color and I arranged this picture with color in mind.  I also have a soft blue background I can use just like this pink one.


One of my favorites below.

Love those sweet lips!

James turns 1

It was so fun to have a pretty afternoon to hang out with this sweet family.  James just turned one and we had fun at the park.  We have know this family for many years and it is such a blessing to celebrate this milestone with them.

Love his little shoes!

This one below is one of my favorites.  Loved catching this sweet moment!

Megan + Stacey

I got to spend an afternoon with my dear friends Megan and Stacey right before Christmas.  They have the sweetest little boy that I have had the honor of taking pictures of since he was 3 days old.  It has been amazing to have front row seats to watch this boy grow.  I can’t believe he turns 2 in January!

This first picture is my favorite!

Now this next one is also a favorite of mine.  Look at the shadow on the tree!  It is such a precious profile of that sweet boy.  I think of Peter Pan when I see this:)

Karen + Koco


We went to see our family over Thanksgiving and I got to have a session with Kevin’s sister and her family.  Their place is beautiful but it is nothing compared to the beauty of this family.  My nephew and nieces are amazing and I have enjoyed watching Karen and Koco parent and love from afar.  Even though we usually only get to see them once or twice a year, we feel so blessed to have them in our family.  The girls are naturals at this photo shoot thing and we could have taken hundreds more if we did not loose our light that day.


Amy + Ken

These are new friends I met because a friend referred them to me.  We meet at their house and had a fun time finding spots in their backyard and neighborhood to capture these fun moments.  So enjoyed hanging out with this fun family!


This one below is my favorite one from the shoot!  I told Amy and Ken to kiss and the kids threw their hands over their eyes and then their little boy turned around and peeked and this was his face I captured when he turned back around:)