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7 For All Mankind | Nashville Event Photography

This weekend I spent several hours at Green Hills Mall at 7 For All Mankind store as an Event Photographer.

It was so fun!  There where drinks, a DJ and even a famous fashion blogger Zarna to give fashion advice.  Here are some of my favorites from the afternoon.

This is Zarna!

Lucy Kate 9 months | Nashville Children’s Photographer


I had the pleasure of spending time with this sweet girl in my studio this summer.  I backpacked Europe with her momma for 3 weeks back in ’97.  Is is so amazing to get to capture some of the beauty of Lucy Kate and also see reflections of her mom in her face.  What a joy!


This dress is an heirloom in their family.  Lucy Kate was baptized in it and her grandmother made this amazing dress!  She not only made this dress, but designed it and stitched it all by HAND!  Amazing!


The next one is one of my favorites!

Lucy’s mom, Sarah Catherine, wore this dress as a child.  I love that we got such sweet pictures with this dress on.

I love seeing those little teeth peeking out:)

Sarah Catherine WheelerAugust 24, 2012 - 12:14 pm

I love the photos Wendy. I think you captured her little expressions perfectly, and I’m so thankful to have a record of her adorableness at this stage. Thank you thank you!!

Tammy + Steve 2012


One of the reasons I love being a Family Photographer is this fun shoot.  I scouted this location out because I wanted a big field and a fun creek to play in.  This is a very adventurous, outdoorsy family and I knew this would be the perfect spot for them.  I took this family’s pictures last spring and since then I have learned so much in my classes at school.  It is so fun to see how much the kids have grown in a year.


The girls brought their dolls and we had a tea party!

Lizz + Kurt/ Nashville Area Family Portrait Photographer



I had so much fun at the photo shoot with this family a few weeks ago.  These twin boys turned 2 this week! This was the first time I officially meet this family at the photo shoot and it was an honor to capture some of the beauty of this family.


Look how beautiful this momma is!

I love the next picture.  People say “They don’t stay little long” and I think this picture reminds me of when my boys were this little. I so love to capture sweet moments like this.

Boys throwing rocks in the creek is such a 2 year old passion. I love getting in the creek with them!

Kurt and Lizz jumped at the opportunity to get pictures of them together.  Most couples have not gotten pictures together since their wedding.  I am thankful for my assistant, SueAnn, who was hanging with the twins while we snapped a few  photos of the parents.

Perry Twins at 2yrs/ Nashville Children’s Photographer


I met Stacey almost 20 years ago in college.  She was my college roommate, Matron of Honor in my wedding and has remained one of my closest friends.  We all were shocked when she got pregnant with these boys because she already had 4 kids, but God has blessed their family with them.  I started documenting their growth 2 years ago.  When talking about their 2 year shoot, Stacey told me how much they loved trains.  We decided to bring some of their little trains and play on the big tracks in Franklin.  I also brought my film camera and took some film shots you will see at the bottom.

This first one is one of my favorites!

I loved that Henri started to strip down on the tracks.  It is such a 2 year old thing to do.

So sweet that Henri decided Micah needed help.  Sweet moments.

More getting crazy on the tracks:)

This semester I have been taking a class on Color.  It has forced me to get out my film camera and use my nice lens, which has been fun.  I first fell in love with photography 12 years ago and then I loved going to pick up my prints.  It was like Christmas opening the packages.  My class has focused on shooting different film types and studying the difference between the coloring and the best way to expose that film.  The next 7 pictures were taken with Kodak Portra negative film.  It is my favorite film for shooting portraits.

They were stuffing their pockets full of rocks of course!

These last 4 pictures were taken with Kodak slide film.  It was so fun to get the negatives of this film and be able to see the pictures clearly on the slide before we scanned and printed out the pictures.