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Ben + Beth

I got to spend a morning with Beth and Ben and their amazing family back in November. Their oldest girl and my daughter took a few years of ballet together a few years ago.  It was so fun to spend some time with them.


Bethany’s sweet girl

I went to high school with Bethany and she was one of my dearest friends growing up.  It was such a joy when she called and asked if I could take pictures of  her 2 year old little girl.  We got together very early one morning this fall to catch the beautiful morning light. Her little girl is so sweet and of course very beautiful (as you can tell from the header above).  So happy I got to reconnect with her and get to know her little girl.  I felt like I was shooting pictures of Bethany when she was little, because she looks so much like her mom!


Sarah Catherine + Eric

It was so fun to be able to spend some time with this family.  SC and I traveled all over Europe for 3 weeks post college and she was in my wedding.  They do not live in town, but come to town a couple times a year.  So happy I got to hang out this Fall with them and get to know their sweet family more.  This session was the first time I got to meet their new baby.  So loved capturing a little bit of the joy in this wonderful family!


Rod + Shana


I had so much fun with Rod and Shana and their sweet family!  We have known them for many years and it was a joy to run around their backyard and chase their kids around.  If you want some fun board games, check out Rod’s website:


Hello world!

Welcome to my blog site!  I am happy you are here and want to share with you some of what I have been up to this Fall.  I have finished a few Photoshop courses this year at a local college.  That took up much of my time, but I did have time to capture some pictures of some beautiful families this fall.  I am going to devote one blog post to each family, so check back if you want to see more!


Please contact me if you want me to capture the beauty of your family!


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