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Nashville Newborn Photographer | Baby Frank

This is baby Frank.  He is just a few days old.  He visited my home studio recently and he is just the sweetest.  His parents actually are neighbors down the street from us.  I always love having a newborn in my studio but this season has been even sweeter.  I always try to prepare my heart for the Christmas season and this little baby has reminded me that God came to the earth as a little sweet, helpless baby.  My own children are far from this baby stage.  It is wonderful to have this reminder and to ponder anew that love that became weak for us.  May we all remember that Jesus was once this small.


I am so happy for this family and this precious gift God has given them.  Enjoy this sweet bundle.

Jon and Wendy

Sometimes I meet new families because they are referred by friends, but this family I meet because they won a session at our school auction that I donated.  It was fun to meet another Wendy!  They are a fun family and I enjoyed getting to know them.  The girls are just so awesome!

The girls were all about posing and I think had a fun time.

These two were some of the last ones we captured and are some of my favorites.

I always try to capture a picture of mom alone because it is rare most mom’s have their pictures taken:)  Pretty lady!

Will + Julie

Julie called me and wanted to plan a time to take some portraits of her family.  She said it was her Christmas present.  I love that idea.  She has a wonderfully sweet family and I am happy to help with this gift.  Her kids did a great job too:)  We met at Crockett Park very early one Saturday morning and even had some lingering fog around, which I was very excited about!  This was my first time to shoot in fog and I have always wanted to do a family shoot in the fog!

Thankful for friends and being able to watch their kids grow up.  Enjoy!

Nashville Family Photographer | Leanna

This is sweet little Leanna.  She turned 1 this fall and I have known her momma for many years.  I was excited to hear from Carrie recently and thrilled to learn they would be in Nashville this fall to visit family.  She wanted to set up and photo shoot for Leanna and since they live in New York now, we would have a little window of time to capture this sweet time and grab a few family pictures.  It was so fun to meet her family.

I love that she is walking now and we got to capture this sweetness.

Rider is such a sweet big brother!

Megan + Stacey

I had a fun afternoon with some of my favorite people!  I love this sweet family and I have documented little Jake since he first arrived on the scene as a wee baby.  It is such a joy to watch him grow into a joyous and fun little boy.

Jake is so cute with that little sparkle in his eyes.

I love getting mom and dad alone for a picture or two.

Pretty lady!

We were walking out of the park and I had to stop them for one more with this beautiful sky.  Jake was such a good sport!