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Amy and Ken | Nashville Family Photographer

I love when former customers call me and want to book a portrait session. I meet Amy and her family a few years ago and was delighted to see them a few weeks ago and play around in the creek with them.  Kids change so fast and these guys have grown! I loved their sense of adventure and how they were not afraid to get a little wet.

This little puppy is a new addition for their family and it was fun to include the whole family!

I love to get good portraits of each person.

Sarah Catherine and Eric | Nashville Family Photographer

These friends are no strangers to my blog.  I have taken their pictures usually every year for many years.  Last year when they flew to town, Sarah Catherine was pregnant with #4 so this year we get to include the new guy Ben! This year we also were able to be a little more flexible with our shoot time because they now live in town!  It is so fun to see one of my oldest and dearest friends on a weekly basis.  She was in my wedding and I love that I have a friendship with her kids through years of taking their pictures!  Enjoy this peak into our fun session.

I love his hair and the leaves.  He matches the fall season so beautifully:)

Love these candid moments with these brothers.  This feels about right with 2 boys this close in age.

The middles…

The only princess in the group.

Erin + Paul | Nashville Family Photographer

I love it when a former client refers me to new people. That is what happened with Erin and Paul. They live out of town but they have family in Nashville. So we set up a session at the end of summer when they were here.  Loved meeting them and their sweet little boy.  We are already talking about a follow up session on their next trip back.  These kids change so fast.

I love this next picture. His precious smile and that light in his eyes are so sweet.