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Lesley and Stephen | Wendy Twit Photography

I know summer is fleeting but I had to blog one more from this summer at the beach.  This family was so fun and you can tell from the pictures how sweet these two twins are with each other.  It is so important to capture images of your family at each stage in life.  These littles will grow fast.  Enjoy the sand, smiles and baby teeth.

Cole Newborn Pictures | Nashville Newborn Photographer

Megan and Stacey make an appearance every year on my blog and are dear friends.  I so loved documenting and watching their first son grow up.  I had happy tears when I got the call that God had given them another son.  This precious boy was long awaited and much prayed for by me and many others.  There were even grateful tears shed at this session as Megan and I celebrated this gift.  Enjoy the sweetness!

Newborn Twin Photography | Nashville TN

These sweet girls made a very early entrance into the world and there were many prayers for them for months.  It was a joy to get to photography these twins in their own home!  I am so happy for Lindsey and Drew and their whole family for the blessing of these two new lives.  As you can see below how precious they are.

Chris Perdue | Nashville Artist Photographer

I enjoyed walking around Downtown Nashville with Chris who is an amazing musician.  When he was playing this beautiful cello on the streets of Nashville, several people took notice.  I have been on several “instawalks” with my friends from the Instagram community in the past few years an have discovered some fun places to shoot.  So when Chris said he wanted to shoot Downtown, this wall came to mind.  I love the lines of it.  Keep your eyes open for Chris.  I bet you will see him playing around town!

Sam and Anne | Nashville Family Photographer

Some times when you capture a moment, you do not have to look at the back of the camera to know you froze something special.  That is what happened at this beach session in May with Anne and Sam.  They were just playing at the beach and I was there peaking into the family fun.  This first picture reminds me of the children’s book I read to my kids called “The Day the Babies Crawled Away.”

I had fun chasing these two boys on the beach!

Their Nana was there and we had to sneak her into a couple pictures.  I have know their Nana for many years and loved she was able to join us!

The mom is always the one documenting the family usually so I wanted to make sure we grabbed a quick picture! So pretty!